Rinaldi's fullFind equivalent for Revolution?

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Thu Jan 13 12:04:48 EST 2005


the lineoffset() functions works pretty well and there's even an
itemoffset() function.

filter is the other sought after command that can help.

They are not as precise but nothing that a bit of post parsing can't help
with. Use them in combos or the lineoffset's third parameter which is

You can also set the wholematches (or not) before to get more precise. So
you have basically the same functionalities.

I used fullfind extensively in HC seems eons ago, but dont miss it since MC
came out on NT! The speed of Rev and the data limitations of an external
kind of offsets the benefits in this case imoho. Also beware of
crossplatformness (no nix or nt or mac depending on the xternals...). Most
of Rinaldis excellent xcmds are not compatible with the dark side... I'm
zapped out of them! ;( 

This is an opportunity for the revfolks to consider using bytecode and get
rid of the old glue routines that are so confusing when approaching
externals coding... I dont know what they are glued to precisely (just in
general) to tell you the truth, but surely the sticky stuff is required to
bind code and stacks's data. The one scary point about externals is that
they have a higher probability of crashing and I've learned that if you can
go around them, more power to you in the long run (more capable scripts alas

Rinaldi's externals have always been my favorites and hardly EVER crashed! I
didn't say the opposite and didn't say they never did! I do miss them a lot
but I find that RunRev has filled in most of the requirements and specs that
Frederic has furnished along graciously over almost 2 decades of HC history.
I miss switch() the most and replaced it with dummy handler
"replacedelimiter @data, fromd, tod "

So definitely check them out and milk them for the performance but
restrictions apply sooner or later as usual... I had to part with lots of
them when I switched to MC on PCs... 

So Fred, will you port your most popular externals to the PC? Can you put it
in as a feature request for me? ;)

Can I put a logo of the HyperCard stack with the resedit head on the RunRev
Viper car im working on and get away with it legally? Please? ;))

No, I wont put it under the rearview mirror dangling low rider style! 

Out racing, come back later!

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