MIDI volume control

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Wed Jan 12 20:05:13 EST 2005

Hi Kurt,

> Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:04:38 -0500
> From: Kurt Kaufman <kkaufman at snet.net>
> Subject: MIDI volume control
>> playLoudness manages relative audioClip volume, but has anyone figured
>> out  a
>> generic shell command to set the volume for MIDI playback (SW Synth in
>> the
>> 'volume control' control panel) or is the command device-dependent?
>> Purpose:
>> To superimpose wav speech over midi music and control relative
>> volumes.
> Perhaps you are not using Quicktime?  Otherwise it would be easy to, as
> you say, manage the relative [player] volume.  Also, I take it you have
> existing MIDI sequences which you would like to use, and are not
> creating your own sequences for this project, since MIDI note-event
> volumes can range from 0-127.

I thought it was 0-60. AFAIK, 0 = mute and 60 = max volume in the 
QuickNotes external I use on the Mac. Sound volume levels have gotten a 
little dicey under Panther.

Anyway, yes, the note parameters in a sequence have the volume, which 
is effectively a QT MIDI note setting. I would think that _either_ the 
volume of a clip or, for sure, a player volume, would be independent 
from each other.

Haven't tried, though. For sure, it would be worthwhile to see if I can 
fire the QuickNotes external from Rev.

It works from the data fork in a SuperCard project, but I don't know 
how to deal with it in a Rev main stack. Any help appreciated.

Ken N.

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