How does Bugzilla operate

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Wed Jan 12 17:53:02 EST 2005

> On Dec 18, 2004 I reported a problem that became bug 2477. I created a 
> stack that reliably demonstrated the problem and posted it for 
> download.
> In Rev 2.2.1 I could create a graphic with a script. The technique 
> worked great in both the development environment and in standalones.
> In Rev 2.5 the procedure doesn't work.  I rewrote the code so a 
> graphic with the proper script is clones rather than created. This 
> revision worked great in the development environment and FAILS in the 
> standalone.

Hi Burton,

Checking your example stack, it creates the graphic perfectly, but 
fails to assign the script to it because you set the stack to be 
password protected in the standalone settings. I can't understand why 
creating the graphic worked, but I guess the password protection only 
applies to scripts.

For future reference, you are better of writing a general handler in 
the stack or card script and either setting the script of the new 
object to call his handler directly, or have a card or stack mouseUp 
handler that checks the target and calls specific handlers that way.


P.S. you'd better make a note in that Bugzilla entry.

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