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Wed Jan 12 16:23:22 EST 2005

Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

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> In general, you can use your (client) bandwidth more effectively by 
> downloading several files at a time, but 50 might be a bit much.  It 
> would probably be ideal to create (for example) 5 files of 10 pictures 
> each, then download those 5 files in parallel.
> Or try with 4 files (2 of 13 images, 2 of 12), for example...
> And if the files can be distributed to several servers, even better 
> (but don't do that unless there will be a LOT of simultaneous 
> downloads from numerous clients -- otherwise it's not worth the 
> expense, the gains would be minimal).

As Frank says, approx. 4 files to be downloaded in parallel will give 
you the shortest time to complete the transfer. Be sure to use "load 
URL" on each to start the transfer, then "put URL" (or any other similar 
technique). At 4 files, each one is only 125K (for 50 files of 10K each) 
- increasing beyond that point is approaching the territory where they 
are small enough to run into noticeable start-up overheads, enough to 
defeat your purpose.

Note this approach could be considered slightly anti-social if the 
Internet connection is slow-ish and shared with other users - doing 4 
transfers in parallel will allow you use a large part of the bandwidth 
even if there are other users trying to get something done. If that 
situation is possible, and if it's a 56K or slower connection, I'd limit 
myself to 2 parallel streams.

-- Alex.

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