Placing different Images into same Image background object

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This is *so* easy to "do-it-yourself", though...

Make sure the group (background) has a distinctive name.  Put an 
invisible field in the group to contain the image data, and make sure 
its sharedText is off.  Now in the stack script:

on preOpenCard
   if "myGroup" is among the lines of the groupNames of this card then
     put field "realImage" into image "myImage"
   end if
end preOpenCard

on closeCard
   if "myGroup" is among the lines of the groupNames of this card then
     put image "myImage" into field "realImage"
   end if
end closeCard

Obviously, if card code intercepts preOpenCard and/or closeCard, make 
sure they pass them along...

On Jan 12, 2005, at 2:31 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Grouped-background Text fields, by default have a their "sharedText" 
> property off. Without knowing the insid" of it, on the surface we have 
> a single object with a single ID in a stack serving as a container for 
> multiple data.
> Can we make an single image perform similarly? I haven't found a way,  
> so I guess this is a feature request... is this on anyone else's wish 
> list?
> : a single image object in a background such that on new-cloned cards 
> with the same placed background, that one image object could display  
> a different externally referenced image- or be a container for 
> imported pixel data.
> Using the field model, what is wanted is a single image object, one ID 
> only in the stack, whose "sharedBinaryPixelData," when part of a 
> background, is off.
> Sivakatirswami
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