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Ben Fisher boinjyboing at
Wed Jan 12 14:54:43 EST 2005

Jim, have you tried rounding the number? I know it shouldn't make a 
difference but maybe it's a problem with using floating points.

>on mouseUP
 >  set the loc of grc "ball" to 100, 100
 >  put .1 into dx
  > put .1 into dy
   >put the loc of grc "ball" into tBallLoc
   >repeat 5000
  >   add dx to item 1 of tBallLoc
   >  add dy to item 2 of tBallLoc
                   --   set the loc of grc "ball" to round(item 1 of 
tBallLoc), round(item 2 of tBallLoc)
  >   --wait 1 millisec
 >  end repeat
 >  set the loc of grc "ball" to 100,100
>end mouseUP


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