Web Notes - second thoughts

Phil Davis davis.phil at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 13:46:10 EST 2005

I think Web Notes (in the Rev docs) is a very slick "showcase feature"; 
it shows us what's possible, and the content made available through it 
can be of benefit to many.

On the other hand, there is nothing to assure that Web Notes info will 
have value. No one controls what gets published in Web Notes - there is 
apparently no editor or administrator. Anyone with access to Rev (and 
the internet) can directly publish anything they wish, accurate or 

If Web Notes is meant to facilitate doc improvements, uncontrolled 
publishing can be a problem in the long run. If bad info is mixed with 
good, then we (Rev dev folks) must mentally "filter" the notes when we 
read them to find the good info. If it's a hassle, I suspect their 
viability will diminish.

If Web Notes were a front-end to a managed Content Management System, it 
would be an entirely different story.

(I'll still be using Web Notes for now.)

My $0.02.

Phil Davis

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