Compression question / problem

Richard Miller wow at
Wed Jan 12 13:28:22 EST 2005

Looking for the simplest and quickest solution to a compression 
problem. The goal is to take 50 jpeg images (highly compressed) 
starting on a Mac, move them to our directory on a hosted web server, 
then have them downloaded and displayed on a Windows XP machine. 
Transmission time (over the Internet) is a very big factor here.

Here's what we've done so far:

1. Started with 50 jpeg images.
2. Put them into 50 custom properties of a holding stack.
3. Compressed the stack using the RR compress command.
4. Decompressed that stack using the decompress command.
5. Tried to open that stack, but it is always reported as corrupted.
6. The size of the decompressed stack is ALMOST the same as the 
original stack, but a few bytes short.

Also tried this:

1. Took one of these jpeg images.
2. Compressed it with RR compress command.
3. Decompressed it.
4. Tried to open it. It is always corrupt.
5. The size of the decompressed file is the same as the original file 
size, but in looking at the data in TextEdit, it is readily seen a few 
characters have shifted places in the first few lines.

Suggestions? What's going on here? Thanks.

Richard Miller
Imprinter Technologies, LLC

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