Getting Rev control back after shell()

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Wed Jan 12 10:29:16 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/11/05 4:04:01 PM, kray at writes:

> On 1/11/05 2:04 PM, "RGould8 at" <RGould8 at> wrote:
> > If I've got a shell() call that executes a unix command that takes awhile 
> to
> > complete (up to 3 minutes), is there a way to give control back to 
> Revolution
> > while it's taking place?
> It depends... do you need to get data back from shell or is it purely an
> "execute this command" situation?
This is a unix call for imaging drives, but I have figured out a way to route 
the output from that unix call to a text file.   My hope was to somehow have 
Rev start up the disk imaging call process, get control back immediately, and 
have Revolution read that text file every 5 seconds to check on the status.   
It's the "getting control back immediately" part that's presently the problem. 
  Since the same issue occurs when executing the call in Terminal, I know 
it's not Rev's fault.   I guess I could just use some unix advice on sublaunching 

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