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> Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
>> It was perfectly consistent - but I failed to bugzilla it. I was just
>> starting with Rev at the time, so I was thinking I was probably doing
>> something foolish that would become apparent later.
>> Perhaps I should try to reproduce it, then bugzilla it.
> Or at least post the recipe here so we can verify it.  As long as I 
> have
> my hear buries in htmlText testing I'm happy to test such things here.
> Anyone else come across anomalies with htmlText?
> Thus far the notes in Mark Talutto's Bugzilla report at
> <> have been
> the most helpful, but any and all info related to such things may be
> very useful and would be much appreciated.
> I'll continue honing in on it in my test stack, but since the results
> vary so broadly it's not easy to pin down from testing alone....
> --
>   Richard Gaskin
>   Fourth World Media Corporation

I don't want to stop anyone from helping RunRev find bugs in their 
software, but it seems like it should be incumbent on RunRev to create 
a test environment that verifies that htmltext handles all well-formed 
and not-so-well formed values, rather than the other way around (i.e. 
have users find all possible cases that crash).  Richard and others may 
well find cases where htmlText crashes, but it's likely there are other 
cases as well, and simply fixing one or two Bugzilla-ed test cases will 
certainly leave those other problems in place.

There are long threads on this list about problems with things like 
htmlText, or cross-platform font issues that are obviously affecting 
everyone, and I keep expecting someone at RunRev to step in and say 
"hey, we hear you on the htmlText issue, we'll deal with it, thanks", 
or "hey, we hear you on the cross-platform font issue, we're working on 
it".  Even "forget the cross-platform font issue, we don't think it's 
important enough to fix" would be useful feedback.  But the current 
lack of direct feedback from RunRev is, to say the least, 

-- Frank

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