Merry xmas and new year.

Andre Alves Garzia soapdog at
Wed Jan 12 00:06:03 EST 2005

Hi folks,

I am at brazil`s south recovering my arm drinking and dancing. The only way to connect is thru a silly bluetooth hotspot.... So I wish you all:

* the 3.0 release with all bells and whistle supporting new platforms like the playstation, the amiga and c64.
* a nice year full of report generation (go quartam! Go!)
* new killer apps made with Rev!
* new scott rossi stunts
* more cool plugins like devolution and alttoolbar
* more  conferences arouund the globe (with free brazilian citzens admission)
* more revBears
* a new http server with manual
* ... And lagger for all!

Ps: it took about an hour to type this thing in an ipaq with the wrong hand

Andre Alves Garzia (soapdog at 
* sent thru iPAQ *

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