crash recipe for htmlText?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 11 16:28:36 EST 2005

FlexibleLearning at wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Crashing (with and sometimes without the garbage) is fairly consistent when  
> setting an embedded imgSrc that is not followed with another character. The  
> garbage in this instance looks like a dump of encrypted stack code, which when  
> edited causes the crash.
> Another piece of the puzzle.

A potentially very helpful piece, though I would think such an unusual 
limitation should be documented.

It would seem reasonable to assume that this:

  This is an image:<img src="1234">.

...would result in the IMG tag itself being the character being used for 
the image reference, rather than requiring one to explicitely add one:

  This is an image:<img src="1234"> .

I'm chaning my code to accomodate this (and a lot of other changes that 
will make it easier to diagnose) and will report back what I find....

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