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Mon Jan 10 21:44:34 EST 2005

The menuPick message doesn't get passed unless the menuHistory is 
YOu get round this by doing a test for the current menuHistory and if 
it is the same as the one you are about to set, either switch to a 
different menuHistory and then back to the one you really want, or send 
a menuPick specifically to the menu.


On 11 Jan 2005, at 8:28 am, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I have an option button for which I am setting the menuHistory like:
>    set the menuHistory of btn "Level" to tLineNum
> And then there's a menuPick handler in the button's script that 
> performs
> additional tasks.  But the menuPick handler doesn't always fire.  Does
> anyone know of any reason why setting the menuHistory of a button 
> would not
> cause a menuPick message to be sent as well?  The above script is 
> called
> during preOpenCard, and, like I said, the menuPick handler is in the 
> script
> of the button.  It seems that the only time it fails is when I very 
> first
> come into the card.  If I do a "send preOpenCard" after that, menuPick 
> is
> sent normally.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Chris Sheffield
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