crash recipe for htmlText?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Jan 10 18:32:16 EST 2005

Hi Richard,

I use and set the htmlText prop on most all of my projects and haven't 
yet (cross fingers) seen any problems (mostly WinXP).

couple of points:

I generally try and stay consistent with the <p></p> nomenclature for 
each line.

I've successfully 'set the htmltext' of a fld to the html in the Google 
News page, which currently has more that 70,000 characters without problem.

I'm sure you're one of the best debuggers out there, but here are some 
ideas you might try:

- try setting the htmlText of the fld to "" first before setting it to 
the new data

- try finding a repeatable recipe for the crash. My guess is create a 
repeat loop and keep setting the htmlText until the crash. You might 
want to insert a 'wait for 1 second with messages' in the loop. Keep 
track where you are before it crashes.

- if you're crashing in the RR IDE, be sure and 'set breakpoints to 
empty' - it might also be a problem in MC. I've seen this crash RR 
before with complex stacks.

- once you figure out a repeatable recipe, then try to isolate the 
problem in a testbed stack.

Hope this helps. If you ever figure it out, please be sure and post your 


Richard Gaskin wrote:
> I'm getting some intermittent hard crashes after setting the htmlText of 
> a field.  Trying to pin this down, I have a script that repeated 
> performs the same parsing, formatting, and htmlText setting over and 
> over, and sometimes all of it works well, sometimes it displays garbage 
> and crashes, and sometimes it displas garbage and doesn't crash.
> To help pin this down further I have it writing a log of the data I'm 
> setting the field's htmlText to, so that hopefully when it crashes I can 
> see if it's due to badly-formed HTML.
> Oddly enough, I've only had once instance in which bad-looking data 
> would up in the log.  In all other cases it writes well to the log, even 
> if I see garbage in the field on screen.
> Do any of you folks know of specific issues in which setting or getting 
> htmlText will cause a crash?  I couldn't find anything related to this 
> in Bugzilla....

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