[ANN] Blog Research Project 1.0

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Sun Jan 9 22:59:15 EST 2005

Hi folks,

Since today I took that cast of, I took the day of to make one simple 
software and release it full of source to the community. As some might 
know, I am involved with Blog clients and make some shareware cash out 
of it. Today, I've re-implemented in Rev my old iBlog program, it was 
first done in RealBASIC years ago, it took me about a month. In Rev it 
took me some hours (of course, now I knew how to do the stuff). I used 
to sell this app for five bucks, the Rev version is free for your 
pleasure... since I plan to work more on this, I called the think "Blog 
Research Project - client 1.0" (for theres also the server, but not 

This software is a blog client for Blog systems that implement the 
Blogger API 1.0. Almost all blog systems implement this standard, from 
server tools like Movable Type, to blog portals like Blogger.com, all 
support this spec. This spec is XML-RPC based and enable a client to 
add, modify and remove posts from blogs, it also enable the user to 
sets it's templates and data.

For this simple client, i've implemented only the calls needed for 
posting. Anyone here interested in XML-RPC, XML or client/server 
software might like this app. Also those that like blogs will be able 
to post to their blogs from inside the Rev IDE. This also serve as an 
example to the Fourth World Article "beyond the browser" for anyone can 
compare the easiness of using this rich client to the awkward 
experience of using Blogger or Movable Type HTML interface.

To use this app you just browse to my space in revOnline (my user is 
soapdog). Also if funnier if you have your own account on a blog system 
but this is not needed for the stack comes packed with a "demo account" 
setup that uses Blogger.com and a username that I just created for it. 
Anyone wishing to see the result of using this stack to post to the 
demo user just point your browser to http://eatownhaggis.blogspot.com

Just try, launch the app, type something, press POST! then press "Open 
blog" and see the result!!!! you can also set your own account in 
blogger and start bloggin for yourself! Feel free to send me comments!


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004
Soap Dog Studios - BRAZIL

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