Quicktime player and relative path

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Jan 9 13:47:59 EST 2005

On 1/8/05 11:50 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> On 1/8/05 3:14 PM, "duane poncy" <tsalagi at elohigadugi.org> wrote:
>>I can't find a satisfactory answer to this question either
>>in the documentation or the archives.
>>I have tried to build my first standalone with Rev 2.5.  My
>>program needs a seperate mp3 to function, but the player
>>did not show up on my stack in the standalone.
>>Back to the Rev program. The player shows up fine with an
>>absolute path, but when I set a relative path, my player
>>disappears.  I thought at first that I was designating the
>>path incorrectly, so I tried several different
>>alternatives. No luck. The player only shows up with an
>>absolute path. I even tried putting the mp3 in the same
>>folder as the app. Didn't work.  Can someone tell me what
>>I'm doing wrong?
>>btw, I am using Mac OSX.
> Duane,
> The problem with OS X is that the default directory is the folder that
> contains the *engine* (inside the bundle in Contents/MacOS/), not the folder
> that contains the *bundle* which is what appears to the user as the
> application. 

Actually, that's true for externals, because that's where they look for 
their source files. But for everything else, the defaultfolder is 
initially set to the folder containing the bundle. So, I think all Duane 
has to do is move his mp3 files into the same folder as his bundle.

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