Need a Clock Face object

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Sun Jan 9 12:07:55 EST 2005

Digital or Analog? ;))

ahem... My PieControl stack

can get you started making your own graphic vector clock... Just reduce the
angle of the graphic and rotate it's starting angle... Many different
examples are in that stack to help you position it even by hand. 

You'll need to modify the handlers in the pie chart graphic controls (either
the 3 rgb selectors or the lower 2 controls for angle and labelOffset (see
the screeshot) to use them as a clock...

You can add a degree div (divisions in time) in the rotating script to
select the preset times you need (as opposed to the 360 degree set in use).

Overlapping different graphics could make some interesting modern time
pieces with the bitand or bitreverse color operations... ;)

Man that stack has different uses after all!

Hope it helps
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> Hi Folks... I'm looking for an object that is circular and 
> has the 24 hours of the day divided up into quarter hour 
> segments where each segment is an object that can be clicked. 
>  Has anyone created one of these?  Jim
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