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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Jan 9 08:20:04 EST 2005

Hi docman,

> Hello folks!
> This morning I began working on a "just cause I can" type of project
> that I can use some help with. I've got several text fields on the
> card that I'd like the user to be able to tab through in a specific
> order and since this project wasn't very well thought out, the tabbing
> action goes all over everywhere on the card. (ooophs!)
> Is there a way to re-order the fields so the user can access then in
> an orderly/logical fashion or should I just start over and do it
> right?

Sure, it is the "layer" property that governs the tab behaviour...

Example: the tab will lead you from fld 1 -> fld 2 -> fld 3 -> fld 4 

Re-layer your fields and that's it :-)

> Thanks,
> -Doc-


Klaus Major
klaus at

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