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>Hello Bob,

Hi Doc

>Here's a general question: When using  a standalone that calls a stack for 
>data storage purposes such as with the tutorial, does the data stack have 
>to use the .rev file extension or can it be used with any extention we 
>choose? [ .dat, etc.]

Yes you can do this. Richard Gaskin made an employee database that came 
with earlier versions of runrev and this saved the datastack as a .edb file.
One thing to remember is to make a template eg template.rev and CLONE this. 
Then you can save as anything.

You also have to set the mainstack as something different so it can be 
saved as a seperate file (I think)
So I have a template in one app called Master Database.rev and I clone this 
into a file called "My Database" and set the mainstack to My database...

on mouseUp
   clone stack "Master Database"
set the name of it to "My Database"
set the mainStack of stack "My Database" to "My Database"
end mouseUp

All the best

>Again, thanks for sharing!!
>Bob Hartley wrote:

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