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Is there a way to adjust the kerning on characters - that is, shifting
the character a tiny amount to the left or right, to adjust the amount
of space between two adjacent characters?

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Aha!  That might be why my own printing problems exist (former thread) 
under Windows.  However, this can be a bit more serious for me.  I need 
to be able to change the text while formatForPrinting is set, because I 
need to shuffle text between fields depending on how much of it fits in 
the fields.  The different font metrics may affect how much text fits 
in the fields, so setting this up while formatForPrinting is false will 
not always work.

Any suggestions for this one?

I really think formatForPrinting needs to be done away with -- it 
should be set up so that printing always works regardless.

On Jan 6, 2005, at 6:20 PM, Jerry Daniels wrote:
>   Important!  Do not edit field text in a stack whose 
> formatForPrinting is true. Doing so can cause display anomalies. Set 
> the formatForPrinting property to false before you make changes to 
> text in fields.
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