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Just a theoretical question, because I understand the delay in taking
this approach would probably make it impractical - would it be possible
to do the following:

1) open a magnified clone of a stack to like 10 times its width, and 10
times its height, with all the components, characters, etc., also
enlarged and kept perfectly proportional 

2) make sure the enlarged version of the stack is opened out of the
screen viewing area

3) take a snapshot of that enlarged stack

4) then print that stack, with a 10 to 1 reduction in print proportion

That would result in fairly high resolution - but I am not sure that a
screen version of a font, even enlarged to give it more pixels for
higher definition, would actually look as good as a printed version of a

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J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 1/6/05 10:56 PM, David Squance wrote:
>>> If the stack's formatForPrinting property is true, the setting of
>>> windowBoundingRect property is ignored when the stack is opened or 
>>> maximized.

> It's a necessary design decision. Normally the windowBoundingRect 
> prevents stacks from exceeding the screen boundaries. On smaller 
> screens, a stack representing a full-sized page of text (11 inches
> might well exceed the boundaries of the windowBoundingRect. If the
> is to be printed, the whole height of the card has to be displayed
> if it is taller than the screen and extends visually beyond it. Stacks

> opened for printing ignore the screen boundaries as a convenience, and

> they open at their full height (or width) which ensures that the
> card contents will print.

Often, the stack is opened 'off screen' and the user never even sees it 
while it's being printed. This is a great way to add resolution to 
images while printing.

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