More on Windows printing...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Jan 7 04:23:24 EST 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 1/6/05 10:56 PM, David Squance wrote:
>>> If the stack's formatForPrinting property is true, the setting of the 
>>> windowBoundingRect property is ignored when the stack is opened or 
>>> maximized.

> It's a necessary design decision. Normally the windowBoundingRect 
> prevents stacks from exceeding the screen boundaries. On smaller 
> screens, a stack representing a full-sized page of text (11 inches tall) 
> might well exceed the boundaries of the windowBoundingRect. If the stack 
> is to be printed, the whole height of the card has to be displayed even 
> if it is taller than the screen and extends visually beyond it. Stacks 
> opened for printing ignore the screen boundaries as a convenience, and 
> they open at their full height (or width) which ensures that the entire 
> card contents will print.

Often, the stack is opened 'off screen' and the user never even sees it 
while it's being printed. This is a great way to add resolution to 
images while printing.


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