More on Windows printing...

David Squance dsquance at
Thu Jan 6 23:56:55 EST 2005

>  then set the stack's formatForPrinting property to true before 
> opening the stack to print it.

How is this done?  Do you change the setting, close the stack and then 
reopen it, or can it be added to a preopenstack handler?

> If the stack's formatForPrinting property is true, the setting of the 
> windowBoundingRect property is ignored when the stack is opened or 
> maximized.

Is this a bug or is there some reason?

> I checked the docs one last time and discovered that nausea and 
> dizziness are not among the side effects of using formatForPrinting.

I'm not so sure about the dizziness, after following this thread!

This process is way too complicated for frequent printing-editing 
cycles.  I'd still like to be able to print an address on an envelope 
in the right place.  So far, I can manage labels on windows, but if the 
paper size is changed (as for an envelope), I've had no luck getting it 
anywhere close to the right position.

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