3D Object Viewer (was: Open-source: Presentation software)

Gordon Webster gwalias-rev at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 14:52:06 EST 2005

A 3D object viewer for rev, now you're talking!

My personal dream would be to see a set of openGL
bindings for rev that would allow you to create a 3D
viewport window on a rev stack - perhaps embedded in
an image object the way Chipp's altBrowser is.

BTW: OpenGL is cross-platform too :-)


--- "Lynch, Jonathan" <BNZ2 at CDC.GOV> wrote:

> What kind of objects does your presentation software
> use? By that, I
> mean, I assume it does fields, pictures, audio, and
> video. Any other
> types of objects? I have been thinking that a 3-D
> object viewer would be
> a great object. (I hope no one objects to my overuse
> of the word
> 'object' here, which, objectively speaking, I am
> definitely overusing).
> I also think a 3-D animated character generator that
> speaks to the
> viewer, using whatever text is sent to it from a
> handler, would be
> nifty.
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> Some time ago I created a commercial product called
> Multimedia 
> Generator.  This is presentation software that was
> designed for the 
> education market.  We ended up getting users in many
> different markets 
> over time.  The software is pretty easy to use, but
> does lack some 
> polish and features from talented folks like you.
> If you are interested in joining an open-source
> effort to make a better 
> presentation tool using Rev, please join the group I
> have created at 
> Yahoo:<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mmgen/>
> Thanks for taking a look!
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> Mark Talluto
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