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Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Thu Jan 6 14:32:15 EST 2005

What kind of objects does your presentation software use? By that, I
mean, I assume it does fields, pictures, audio, and video. Any other
types of objects? I have been thinking that a 3-D object viewer would be
a great object. (I hope no one objects to my overuse of the word
'object' here, which, objectively speaking, I am definitely overusing).

I also think a 3-D animated character generator that speaks to the
viewer, using whatever text is sent to it from a handler, would be

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Some time ago I created a commercial product called Multimedia 
Generator.  This is presentation software that was designed for the 
education market.  We ended up getting users in many different markets 
over time.  The software is pretty easy to use, but does lack some 
polish and features from talented folks like you.

If you are interested in joining an open-source effort to make a better 
presentation tool using Rev, please join the group I have created at 

Thanks for taking a look!

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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