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Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
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But - somehow MS word manages to look the same between both. Not to
sound paranoid or anything, but I tend to imagine it was designed that
way on purpose to make it tougher for competing programs.

I figure there should be some fonts where the metrics are roughly the
same between printer font and screen font. So far, Modern and Verdana
come closest, with Modern printing a little under the screen font width,
and Verdana printing a tiny bit over the screen font width.

Does anyone know how MS Word manages to keep them the same?

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You should be able to use any TTF with Rev.  The issue with different 
font metrics is a Windows problem, not a font problem.  This issue does 
not exist on the Mac, for example.

Arial is a good example of a TrueType font.  However, the printer 
metrics are still different from the screen metrics.  Go figure.

Two "real" solutions:  print a bitmap containing the text (slow and 
painful, resolution can be a killer in terms of both speed and 
quality), or switch to the Mac (not always an option when developing 
for other people to use, but hey, I had to suggest it anyway; it does 
work correctly on the Mac).

On Jan 6, 2005, at 11:16 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> Are there any fonts that are the same on screen as on printer?
> Some are shorter, some are longer, but I have yet to find one that 
> comes
> out the same. Normally, one would use a truetype font for this
> Is there any sort of true type font we can use in Rev?
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