clicktext and decimal numbers

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Thu Jan 6 09:30:59 EST 2005

For a spellcheck for a program at work - I had to make it so that it
selected the actual word, even if that word contained a dash. I did it
basically by starting with the character under the mouse click, then
counting to the left until reaching a space or linefeed or the beginning
of the field - then also counting to the right with similar limits.

The code is pretty simple, but you might be able to streamline it - my
programming skills are still in the amateur category:

On mousedown

put word 2 of mousecharchunk() into aaa
    if ((character aaa of me <> " ") and (character aaa of me <>
linefeed)) then
      put aaa into aaaleft
      put aaa into aaaright
      put the number of characters in me into PPP
      repeat until stopvar = 1
        if stopleft <> 1 then
          if ((character aaaleft of me = " ") or (character aaaleft of
me = linefeed)) then  
            put 1 into stopleft
            put (aaaleft + 1) into aaaleft
          else if (aaaleft = 1) then 
            put 1 into stopleft
            put (aaaleft - 1) into aaaleft
          end if
        end if
        if stopright <> 1 then
          if ((character aaaright of me = " ") or (character aaaright of
me = linefeed)) then
            put 1 into stopright
            put (aaaright - 1) into aaaright
          else if (aaaright = PPP) then
            put 1 into stopright
            put (aaaright + 1) into aaaright 
          end if
        end if
        if (stopleft = 1) and (stopright = 1) then put 1 into stopvar
      end repeat
      put character aaaleft to aaaright of me into ccc
   end if

end mousedown

This script winds up with the word you clicked on being put into the ccc

I use it to check against a list of words that are frequently used
improperly in medical/scientific writing, to make sure I don't miss a
possible mistake when editing submissions to our publication.



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Hi friends,

a happy 2005 to all of you!

Short question:

When clicking on decimal numbers like 12.34, "the clicktext"*** returns
"12", "." or "34", which is not very helpful if you need the complete 

*** "clickcharchunk" and "clickchunk" etc... are working the same way 

Now i worked around this by setting the "textstyle" of those numbers to 
"link" and

  set the underlinelinks to false
  set the linkcolor to 0,0,0
  set the linkvisitedcolor to 0,0,0
  set the linkhilitecolor to 0,0,0

to make the numbers look like any other text.
Now "the clicktext" returns "12.34", which is what i want.

But this way other links do not look like links anymore, since these 
properties are
valid either globally or for a specific stack...

Does anybody have another solution for this phenomenon?
SHORT scripts preferred ;-)

Thanks in advance.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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