clicktext and decimal numbers

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jan 6 05:38:39 EST 2005

Hi friends,

a happy 2005 to all of you!

Short question:

When clicking on decimal numbers like 12.34, "the clicktext"*** returns
"12", "." or "34", which is not very helpful if you need the complete 

*** "clickcharchunk" and "clickchunk" etc... are working the same way 

Now i worked around this by setting the "textstyle" of those numbers to 
"link" and

  set the underlinelinks to false
  set the linkcolor to 0,0,0
  set the linkvisitedcolor to 0,0,0
  set the linkhilitecolor to 0,0,0

to make the numbers look like any other text.
Now "the clicktext" returns "12.34", which is what i want.

But this way other links do not look like links anymore, since these 
properties are
valid either globally or for a specific stack...

Does anybody have another solution for this phenomenon?
SHORT scripts preferred ;-)

Thanks in advance.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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