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Wed Jan 5 23:15:18 EST 2005

At 4:44 PM -0500 1/4/05, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
>This is really a great example of why the documentation needs to be
>All you do is group the controls that you want to appear on new cards -
>then set the background behavior of that group to true.

Maybe we could improve the documentation by adding something like this:

"How to display objects on more than one card:
You display the same object (or a set of objects) on more than one 
card by making them part of a group. Select the object or objects you 
want to group, then choose Object menu >  Group Selected. To do this 
in a handler, use the group command.

Once you've grouped the objects, go to each card you want them to 
appear on, and choose the group from the "Place Group" submenu in the 
Object menu. (You may want to give your group a descriptive name 
first, if you're using more than one.) To place a group on a card 
from within a handler or the message box, use the place command.

Tip:  To place a group automatically whenever you create a new card, 
set the group's backgroundBehavior property to true. If you are on a 
card that has the group when you create the new card, the group is 
placed on the new card."
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