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Wed Jan 5 03:29:59 EST 2005

if you have an image in a scrolling group, for example, while you scroll 
your scrollbar, you can scroll the group with the image moving inside it.
Another idea (without the group's scrollbars) is to use a percentage 
measure of the scrollbar position to move your image in a predefined zone.

on scrollbardrag y
  set the top of image bgimg to f(y) -- where f(y) is a function to fit 
your specs..

untested... ;)

On 05.01.2005 09:24:14 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>Hi Dwayne,
>you will need to work with groups  to achieve what you want.
>maybe this stack will be helpful:
>It´s a bit old. It shows how to create a field with alternating
>coloured lines in the background.
>Hope this helps,
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