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Tue Jan 4 16:50:56 EST 2005

Hi Bob,

> Hi Folks
> This is a silly one and AGAIN is very basic.
> I have a card that has a button on it that creates a new card. OK 
> simple. However, when I click on it, a new card is produced. It does 
> not have on it the buttons of the [previous card.
> This I know only requires something set via the IDE ( I read it the 
> other night in Dan's book, a great buy) however, I have trawled the 
> book and cannot find which box to tick.
> I don't want to read the whole thing again word for word to find this 
> since it is late (and I haev a habit of speed reading and missing 
> things). So can someone send me the info. Naturally it is  RTFM :-) 
> but the book is 321 pages :-)

select all controls that you want to have on EVERY card and group 

Then check that goup's "backgroundBehaviour" in the "Basic Properties" 
in the Inspector
for that group.

This way the group will be placed on every new card when you create a 
new card...

BUT that group must be on the card where the new card is being created!
Sounds like that is the case in your example :-)

Hope that helps.

> THanks in advance
> Bob


Klaus Major
klaus at

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