controls on each card

Bob Hartley rev at
Tue Jan 4 16:44:43 EST 2005

Hi Folks

This is a silly one and AGAIN is very basic.

I have a card that has a button on it that creates a new card. OK simple. 
However, when I click on it, a new card is produced. It does not have on it 
the buttons of the [previous card.

This I know only requires something set via the IDE ( I read it the other 
night in Dan's book, a great buy) however, I have trawled the book and 
cannot find which box to tick.

I don't want to read the whole thing again word for word to find this since 
it is late (and I haev a habit of speed reading and missing things). So can 
someone send me the info. Naturally it is  RTFM :-) but the book is 321 
pages :-)

THanks in advance


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