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Most of those technologies are specifically designed to *prevent* 
programmers from doing those things.  If just anyone could provide a 
browser app to do all that, any site you visited could randomly install 
viruses and spyware without restriction.

Now some browsers (given sufficient Java support) could have Java code 
capable of doing *some* of these things, but (if properly configured) 
would restrict code downloaded from a web site from doing them.  
Depending on the browser, it either will fail to work, or it will 
prompt the user and ask what to do.  Some browsers can be configured to 
ask sometimes and not others...

Attempting to do these things through a web browser is a bad idea.  
Your client should probably rethink this project.

A better solution would be to make an application  to do these things 
(possibly your existing solution) available as a download from a web 
site.  Make sure the user knows what's going on, though.

On Jan 4, 2005, at 11:29 AM, RGould8 at wrote:

> I've got a Revolution app that I've written for an ISP that does a 
> couple of
> things, namely:
> 1)   Uses Applescript to poll system processes
> 2)   Executes termal commands to retrieve gateway IP address
> 3)   Edits browser preference files to add bookmarks and set home page
> 4)   Modifies the HTTP headers and passes XML to through an HTTP 
> address to a
> router
> 5)   Does MD5 encyption
> 6)   Writes files to the hard-drive (log files)
> 7)   Downloads and decompresses software from a server to the user's
> hard-drive.
> It all works great as a standalone app.   Now, unfortunately my client 
> wants
> a new app that does all these things, but runs within a web-browser.   
> I don't
> know how to even go about doing that - - - the very fact that it's in a
> browser limits any plug-in from doing all sorts of things to the 
> system.   Would
> Shockwave, Flash, or Java applets be capable of all these tasks within 
> a
> browser?
> I'd love to use altbrowser for all this, but the client is insistent 
> that it
> run within the user's browser, and not be a standalone app.   This app 
> is to
> run on the Mac.   The windows-folks have accomplished this be using 
> Active-X
> within IE.
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