Convert Rev app to run inside browser

RGould8 at RGould8 at
Tue Jan 4 11:29:04 EST 2005

I've got a Revolution app that I've written for an ISP that does a couple of 
things, namely:

1)   Uses Applescript to poll system processes
2)   Executes termal commands to retrieve gateway IP address
3)   Edits browser preference files to add bookmarks and set home page
4)   Modifies the HTTP headers and passes XML to through an HTTP address to a 
5)   Does MD5 encyption
6)   Writes files to the hard-drive (log files)
7)   Downloads and decompresses software from a server to the user's 

It all works great as a standalone app.   Now, unfortunately my client wants 
a new app that does all these things, but runs within a web-browser.   I don't 
know how to even go about doing that - - - the very fact that it's in a 
browser limits any plug-in from doing all sorts of things to the system.   Would 
Shockwave, Flash, or Java applets be capable of all these tasks within a 

I'd love to use altbrowser for all this, but the client is insistent that it 
run within the user's browser, and not be a standalone app.   This app is to 
run on the Mac.   The windows-folks have accomplished this be using Active-X 
within IE.

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