Actual vs. Possible (was 'Menu woes')

docmann docmann at
Mon Jan 3 21:32:57 EST 2005

 > But I'm more concerned here for new users: it may be too easy for them
> to walk away from this list feeling that the whole thing's too broken to
> use, and will remain so until some unknowable date in the future in
> which RunRev might possibly implement all of the suggestions posted here.

As a "newb" to RunRev, I really can't add much of anything useful to
the conversation other than to point out just how true Richard's
perception is from someone recently on the outside looking in.

Since the initial release of Rev and up until a few days ago, I kept
track of development progress by downloading the most recent version
about every six months or so. I'd "kick the tires" a little to see
what was new, while trying to justify (in my mind) the cost of
licensing in comparison to it's features.

Although I've always had an overall favorable impression of the
product, much of what I would read on this list all too often had a
negative impact. Reading that Rev "needs this, that or something else"
left my perception pretty much just as Richard describes. The good
news is that I've now found first hand that nothing could be further
from the truth. :)

Here's a short story to illustrate:

For the the little commercial project I'm currently working on, I
spent over a year of research and planning, along with trying numerous
programming tools without ever getting to first base. Two weeks with
Dreamcard and now a week with Rev Studio and I already have the app
about 60% complete and mostly functional just as it is. (Many thanks
to everyone that has helped me in the process!)

Today I demo'd the current version at the office and my employer (soon
to be a marketing partner in the project) is *estatic* with the
results. He simply couldn't believe that I've accomplished so much
functionality in a short period of time. :) :) :)

Regardless of any flaws that may exist or improvements that may need
to be made in the future, RunRev is now my "can do tool"...

I don't believe that I've made any mistakes at all in that new perception.


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