Revolution compilation

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Jan 3 19:40:53 EST 2005

On Jan 3, 2005, at 3:34 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Dar Scott wrote:
>> Those and other optimizations might do more optimizing than 
>> compiling.  Scott Raney reported a 1000 fold performance increase in 
>> the enhancement of bugzilla 586 (which might have some nice side 
>> effect features).
> Dude, that rocks!  Thanks for submitting that request, and for letting 
> us know the ultra-cool result.

Before that many methods had to be limited to or emphasize appending to 
avoid the heavy speed cost.  Appending small amounts is efficient 
because Revolution seems to leave a tiny extra room to allow for it.

This optimization for replacing same-size char chunks opens the door 
for alternate methods that can make image processing much faster or 
easier to understand.


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