a basic stupid splashscreen question

Bob Hartley rev at armbase.com
Mon Jan 3 18:38:25 EST 2005

At 23:20 03/01/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Bob in sunny Scotland,

Hi Chip. Well It was sunny as I drove down to aviemore yesterday. OK it was 
sunny but I could only do 20Mph as I couldn't see the road because of the 
lateral drifting blizzard and was navigating via the snowpoles. :-)

Anyway back to runrev.

>You'll need to have a separate stack file which you can then open and edit 
>and save...won't work with a subStack of your standalone.

OK I have a main stack bob and a substack antibodies that I am cloning for 
entering data. I have a button with this on it
on mouseUp
   clone stack "Master Database"
set the name of it to "Antibodies"
set the mainStack of stack "Antibodies" to "Antibodies"
end mouseUp

This a mainstack that is visible in the application browser.

When I compile the app can the user save this file with data in it?


>Any stack can be modified as long as it's not part of the standalone 
>(substacks included)
>Bob Hartley wrote:
>>But a post in the rev list archives says that all substacks are 
>>So If making an app (eg database app) should I make a standalone 
>>mainstack and then keep another mainstack for the data cards.
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