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Bob Hartley rev at
Mon Jan 3 17:52:14 EST 2005

At 22:38 03/01/2005, you wrote:
>Bob Hartley wrote:
>>Hi All
>>I have a button with a script that clones a stack, but when I press the 
>>button in browse the cloned version of the stack opens up off the top of 
>>the screen. How do I get it to open visible.
>>I assume the way to do this would be to have the centre of the stack open 
>>in the centre of the screen but I assumed that cloning a stack would 
>>automatically open it in the visible screen.
>>How do I ensure that the window opens visible?
>Not sure why it's opening oddly, but to ensure it's centered on any 
>monitor this should work:
>on preOpenStack
>   set the loc of me to the screenLoc
>end preOpenStack

Hi Richard.

This must win the prize as the fastest reply ever. Bizarrely I added in the 
script to the main stack and it  now works.

The weird thing is it now works without the script in place. Perhaps runrev 
remembers a default location or something.

Just to clarify something. The button that clones a stack is on a stack 
that is 100 units high. If this is near the top of the screen it opens the 
cloned stack off screen. If it is in the middle, it opens on screen. Sorted 
now but still weird.


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