Scrollbar Covering Resizebox

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Jan 3 16:41:42 EST 2005

Jaqueline, as Frank points out, the arrangement I'm looking for happens 
with quite a lot of OS X apps - Mail does, Safari doesn't (Safari is 
metal, Mail isn't).
It isn't actually a very important thing in what I'm doing, but I just 
prefer the way the window looks when the field goes all the way down. I 
guess these things are a question of context and simple arbitrary 
preference. I don't mind scripting my own solution, in fact, as a 
non-pro (ie. little time pressure) I quite like having to be inventive, 
and Ken has kindly pointed the way.

The main point of my post was really that the docs did not present me 
with a clear starting point, when the issue must be common enough to 
warrant some kind of example...

Anyway, thanks, once again, to the good people of the list for reading, 
considering, replying and helping.



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