Creating a WP application

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Mon Jan 3 08:52:15 EST 2005

I created a script for fields that autoflow - that is, the text moves
smoothly between two (or however many you want) fields. The fields must
have the same name, except for the last word of the name of the field
must be a number - and the numbers must be sequential. Ie - "text 1"
"text 2" "text 3".

You can use that to wrap text around an image - or to set different
justifications for different fields - or to have a column that continues
on a different page.

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I am looking at creating a simple word processor application with 
Revolution to replace a current, aging version done in something else.

As I understand it, and edit filed has the following limitations:

An edit field can only have one tab setting, unlike the current version 
which allows for tab settings per paragraph.

Only one text alignment can be used for the whole field, so each
cannot be separately aligned like in the current version.

Has anyone made a more word processor-like edit field or come up with a 
work around to these limitations?


Peter T. Evensen
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