changing object's location causing long delays

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Mon Jan 3 05:15:56 EST 2005

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at wrote (Sun Jan 2, 2005):

> Wihelm Sanke wrote:
> > Try removing the script of btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary" from
> front.-
> Hmmm... not 105% sure how to put this advise into effect. However, I tried
> what I think was meant (see below), and still the long delay when 
> using the
> pointer tool to move an object on the card I mentioned.
> Thanks all the same.
> Cheers,
> Nicolas Cueto

I had suggested this because in the case of one of my stacks with quite 
a number of controls (Bugzilla 2019) this helped.
What about the other frontscripts? There are three more used in the Rev IDE.

As I do not know exactly which features of your stack may be involved, 
it is difficult to give advice, but I would offer to take a look at your 

And, you could give it a try and run and work on your stack in the 
Metacard IDE, which does not use frontscripts and is less complex than 
the Rev IDE also in other respects. Of course, only if you do not need 
special features that are provided only by the Rev IDE.


Wilhelm Sanke

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