Problem with field borderwidth 2

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jan 2 20:42:00 EST 2005

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
> The workaround you proposed, style "shadow" and setting "shadowoffset" 
> to zero, does not solve the problem.

If you turn on the threeD property it should.  What happens there when 
you do it?

> What really works is setting the "Look and Feel" to "Windows emulated" 
> or to "Windows 95" (sic!) with Metacard.

I tend to try to confom to current HIGs as much as practical, so turning 
off XP appearances isn't an option for me, which is why I tend to focus 
on control-specific options when I need a specific control to have a 
non-standard appearance.

But if the emulated Win95 look is good for what you're doing then I see 
no reason not to use it.

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