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Thanx for the help Alex the code worked great, I just changed the line;

put tCounter && L & cr after tDisplayData -- shows line numbers and data in field.
put tCounter & cr after tDisplayData -- shows only line numbers.

and thanx to Ken Ray & Wilhelm Sanke for the following line!!

on scrollBarDrag
  set the scroll of fld 1 to the scroll of me
end scrollBarDrag

It's often the simplest code that gets the job done!

Cheers and thanx again...Dwayne.R

D.Rothe wrote:

>G'Day and Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!
>I am hoping someone could guide me with the following prob.
>I have two fields (field 1 & field 2), field 2 is for loading and displaying a txt file and field 1
>is for displaying each corresponding line number of field 2.
>The line numbers must be in a seperate field otherwise they will show when printing field 2.
>Obviously field 2 is a scrolling field so the problem is getting field 1 to scroll in unison with field 2 so the line numbers match the correct line. 
>Any ideas on the code or maybe a different solution!!!!
  put URL "file:temp.txt" into tData
  put empty into tDisplayData
  put 0 into tCounter
  repeat for each line L in tData
    put tCounter && L & cr after tDisplayData
    add 1 to tCounter
  end repeat
  put tDisplayData  into field "Field"

It may look clumsy to scan through each line like this - but Rev is very 
fast at doing that. This did my 6000 line, 1 Mb file in about 80 
millisecs - so you don't need to worry about speed.

You could also do it by some variation of setting the vscroll of field 
1 to the thumbpos of field 2
but I just find it easier to do it this way.

You could also do it by putting the two fields into a group and 
scrolling the group (I think - haven't tried that way myself).

Happy New Year !!
-- Alex.


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