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Sun Jan 2 13:22:56 EST 2005

There are two ways to do this.

1. If you create a standalone app it won't be able to save the data 
within itself but you could easily have it save a text or binary file 
which it could open. There are ways to encrypt the file if needed since 
it would contain passwords.

2. Create a standalone which opens the stack containing the data. That 
data can be saved with the stack. This is the model that DreamCard is 
based on but you can duplicate the functionality yourself.

Bill Vlahos

On Jan 2, 2005, at 9:49 AM, Robert Sabo wrote:

> Ok quick question. Lets say I am going to make a
> program that you add accounts to. And for these
> accounts the program must know a username and
> password. Well, I need for the program to remember the
> username and password after I exit the program. So how
> would I have it save these to a file and then open
> them back up and remember them correctly?
> Uhh... lets say my username field is called "username"
> and my password field is called "password" if anything
> deals with those.
> Also, how would I create a standalone program?
> Thanks for putting up with my noobishness,
> Robert
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