changing object's location causing long delays

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at
Sun Jan 2 09:59:29 EST 2005

Wihelm Sanke wrote:

> Try removing the script of btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary" from

Hmmm... not 105% sure how to put this advise into effect. However, I tried
what I think was meant (see below), and still the long delay when using the
pointer tool to move an object on the card I mentioned.

Thanks all the same.

Nicolas Cueto

[here's those "frontscript" steps I took]
Using the message box, this is how I read/did those instructions:
1) entered "put the frontscripts", and sure enough btn "revtable" of stack
"revlibrary" was listed
2) entered "remove the script of btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary" from
3) re-entered "put the frontscripts". btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary"
no longer listed
4) opened up the problem stack -- and redid the above (1) to (3) to confirm
that btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary" was indeed not "front*
5) used the pointer tool to move and object... still the looong delay

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