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MisterX b.xavier at
Sun Jan 2 07:36:44 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

Hyper 2005 and prosperous stacks of business and generous user freeware
effort donations to all! 

Im drifting to a potentially juicy new product market for simulators like
GTR, Richard Burns rally, GT4 on playstations, etc. A hardware direction
actually but it wont be without you guys! One of my uses of RunRev is to
make easier management of mods in these settings-mods rich programs, and
above all in GTR, car settings per track/weather - these games are highly

But I found I could also modify the skins of the cars too! So I'm going to
make a RunRev ... Z3 coupe GT class car!

Wish me luck, this might take a couple weeks time to make a clean skin but
if you have any cool logos to submit for the car as stickers (320X320 jpeg
pictures max X or Y please) or bandenas (winshield, bumpers, wing), go

The backgrounds of the cars will be white (zebraed when I find the right way
to do so), cosmos black, BMW M (like the 70's classic white M1 GT with red
and blue diagonal stripes across the body). 

I will probably do a Porsche GT2 RS in dark blue and white lightning stripes
after and a hotrod Ferrari series... These cars are hot hot hot! A lime fluo
green or yellow and black lambo Murchielago too is coming... 

Suggestions are welcome, but think of those colors and cars when you submit
the stickers (where would you like it posted? Sticking places include inside
the car, etc...! 

Anyway, this will be my showing off your colors in the virtual race tracks
of GTR on the net. If you like race cars, this is the summit of simulations
and dream cars. Plenty of previews at 

The number of downloads is staggering and the game is not even translated
from german although there's language mods for that too in UK and French!

New tracks and car models come on a regular basis and a Rev interface to
manage it all will be soon ready (better than the other lousy tools out
there guaranteed!) This is going to make a lot lot of computer geeks running
their race cars on the net who could seeing a lot of RunRev developper
stickers too... 

Im writing camera, cars, track, server settings database front ends; mods,
skins, bg sound/fx, mp3 bg music, etc file managers and editors currently
with RunRev. So if you want your stack stickers to show off too, send me a
stack with the "JPEG" images inside or in a zip file. There will be a bunch
of different sponsor displays in the gui so as prefered people you get the
first spots for your logos free! I cant guarantee all stickers will get into
the car naturally... ;) 

cheers and happy revving in 2005
-- wishing you a prosperous 2005 

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