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Sun Jan 2 07:08:10 EST 2005

On Sun Jan 2, 2005, Ernst M. Reicher e.reicher at

> Hi,
> as an unexperienced hobby programmer I often have to seach in scripts and
> doesn´t really know where in the stack(s).
> Using HC there was a basic command called searchscript - worked perfect
> Then using MC I modified the HC thing and it worked pretty.
> At first trial my modification didn´t work in Rev so I tried to use the
> built in searchdialog.
> By default it searches in name, script and text - DONT DO THAT - if 
> you have
> a big stack it will last for hours!!!!!
> Only checking "script" works satisfactory and it lists the searchresults
> although it lists repetitions and therefore the list could get long...
> But then you have to go to each founditem manually by opening the
> application browser and so on.
> Is that called comfortable programming????
> Regards,
>             Ernst 

You might try the search card of my "RevBrowser" available from 
<>, page "Samples and Tools for Development".

 From the information on the website:

"for "Revolution" only: The small, convenient, and fast alternative to 
Rev's "Application Browser" and "Object Browser". Includes a fast script 
searching tool that lists all found scripts lines - with the 
searchstring colored - along with the addresses of the objects. Clicking 
on the object address lets you edit the respective script.

Stack is from 2001 and needs to be updated - there are some bugs - and 
because it is not yet able to access and edit "unplaced" groups - which 
you also cannot do with the above-mentioned Rev-IDE tools."


Wilhelm Sanke

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