Using ODBC on Win platforms

André Rombauts andre.rombauts at
Sun Jan 2 05:02:41 EST 2005

Is anyone using Run Rev Studio on XP platform and make access to Access
database with ODBC? Would like to discuss about issues related to DB
management both off and on-line.

For instance, apart from problems already mentionned here months ago (not
all revdatabase functions are applicable), I cannot make a correct ODBC
connect through DSN unless I'm using the machine/user dependant way, thus
preventing me from distributing an apllication...

How should I write this line?

put revOpenDatabase("ODBC","mydb","","Admin","zulu") into myDB

Should I place 'mydb' or use the full path to the  DSN file (when using the
machine / user dependant way, the name is inside Win registers)? Should I
put login and psw for accessing (the one used withe machine / dependant way
are those from the Access file an dit is working).

I intend to distribute an application with a database that will be updated
by online access.

If you are not using Access on XP what is your DB solution?

André Rombauts

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