changing object's location causing long delays

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Jan 2 03:21:33 EST 2005


Perhaps you can tell us more about what platform you are on?

I'm on WinXP 1.3 Ghz Centrino laptop 512 Mb RAM

I just created a stack and added a single button and a single field

I set the button script to:

on mouseUp
  lock messages
  repeat 1000 times
    clone fld 1
  end repeat
  unlock messages
end mouseUp

It took a few seconds to complete, but when finished, I could select any
cloned field and move it anywhere quickly without delay. So, I don't
think your problem is in the IDE-- at least not on WinXP.

btw, I didn't have either the prop inspector or App browser open.


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