changing object's location causing long delays

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Sun Jan 2 01:06:22 EST 2005

On 1/1/05 11:34 PM, "Nicolas Cueto" <nrkweto03 at> wrote:

> Ken Ray wrote:
>> Can I assume this is in the IDE and not in a standalone? If so, I'd
>> recommend attempting the same action in a standalone
> It is indeed in the IDE. As for trying it on a standalone (a.k.a.,
> "distribution"?), do you mean to add a "grab" command to an object, then
> build a distribution, and see if there's a delay?

No, I mean add a button to your standalone that says:

  on mouseUp
    choose pointer tool
  end mouseUp

And then click it, which will change the tool to a pointer tool, select all
of your objects by dragging out a selection rectangle and try moving them.
WHen you're done, just quit your standalone (since you won't have an easy
way to switch back to browse tool).

> well, given that once finished my stack will not require users to move
> objects, why would I nonetheless want to discover now whether a distribution
> version of an incomplete stack is faster than the present version I'm now
> whittling away -- and sometimes painfully slow at that! -- on the IDE?

Is the inspector palette open? Perhaps if you cloe it, it will speed things
up (no need to keep track of multiple objects if you don't have the
Application Browser or Properties palettes open AFAIK.

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